Debunking Common Frameless Glass Shower Screen Myths

For years, people have been spreading different kinds of myths and misconceptions about frameless glass shower screens. Unfortunately, most individuals buy into these falsehoods instead of equipping themselves with the truth about these exceptional shower screens. Below are popular myths you shouldn't believe if you are thinking about installing frameless shower screens in your renovated or newly built bathroom. Too pricey One of the primary reasons why most people avoid installing shower screens is that they think that they are too expensive.

Types of Glass You Can Consider For Your Shower Screens

Glass shower screens have become extremely popular today, thanks to their features. Other than being aesthetically stunning, glass shower screens are customisable, easy to clean and durable. However, not all glass shower screens are made using the same material, and thus, their benefits vary as well. Due to this, it is essential to consider your requirements before you shop for your shower screens. This will enable you to get the glass that suits your requirements perfectly.

The Additions Your Bathroom Needs To Get The Ultimate Modern Look

Modern design is all about simplicity and elegance when it comes to bathrooms. No longer are people enamoured with outrageous designs like the extreme colour palettes of the 1990s or the shag carpets of the 1980s. People want functionality that looks sleek and a bathroom that feels clean and spacious. While this can be hard to achieve in small apartments, there are a couple of ways you can easily update your bathroom so that it has that modern look without completely refurbishing your home.

Signs That Your Windows Might Need Repairing

Broken glass is an obvious sign that you need to repair a window. But what are the more subtle signs? Here are some things to look out for when you're deciding whether you'll need to hire a window repair specialist. Condensation If your home has double-glazed windows and you notice fog and condensation in the middle, you'll need to get the unit checked. When in good order, the space between the two glass panes contains a pocket of air or gas, which helps to block temperature transfer through the window.

Different Shower Screens Used to Construct Frameless Showers

When installing a frameless glass shower, the possibilities are almost endless. Doors and panels can combine in countless ways. While the particular configurations can vary, following are several typical kinds of shower screens that can go into the creation of a frameless shower. Fixed Panel Shower Screen A simple option is one fixed panel that attaches to a wall near the corner of the bathroom, creating a three-sided shower enclosure. This is a beautifully minimalist option, with the shower enclosure open on one side.