Debunking Common Frameless Glass Shower Screen Myths

For years, people have been spreading different kinds of myths and misconceptions about frameless glass shower screens. Unfortunately, most individuals buy into these falsehoods instead of equipping themselves with the truth about these exceptional shower screens. Below are popular myths you shouldn't believe if you are thinking about installing frameless shower screens in your renovated or newly built bathroom.

Too pricey

One of the primary reasons why most people avoid installing shower screens is that they think that they are too expensive. In fact, most first-timers are pleasantly surprised when they realise that these enclosures are affordable. Consider doing some homework to determine how much it will cost to get the shower screens you need. Talk to a few reputable suppliers in your area to know the types of screens they can provide and get a quotation. Compare the costs and choose the one that suits your budget needs. However, do not skimp on quality products to save money — quality frameless screens will last longer and enhance the property value.

Breaks easily

Another concern homeowners have when it comes to frameless shower screens is that they break easily. They assume that the glass will shatter when one falls in the shower, but this isn't true. Manufacturers use toughened glass to make the shower screens, which makes them extremely sturdy. This means that they cannot shatter due to an ordinary fall. Frameless screens are more robust than the framed screens since they don't have components that corrode over time and break. Even if something extreme occurs and the screen breaks, you or your loved ones will be safe since the glass doesn't shatter into sharp pieces because it's tempered.

Difficult to clean

Compared to other shower enclosures, frameless shower screens are easy to clean. So, the fact that the entire structure is made of glass shouldn't discourage you from buying them. All you have to do is buy the right cleaning products as recommended by the supplier.

Can leak

People who have never used frameless shower screens usually think that they will leak because they do not have a frame. Being frameless doesn't mean that there will be gaps between the glass or structure that will cause water leaks. You will only experience leaks when screens are poorly built or installed incorrectly. So, if you buy your screen from a reputable supplier and hire an expert to install them, you won't face leakage issues. Professional construction and mounting offer a reasonable slope that allows the water to drain appropriately rather than leaking.

To learn more, contact a frameless shower screen supplier.