The Additions Your Bathroom Needs To Get The Ultimate Modern Look

Modern design is all about simplicity and elegance when it comes to bathrooms. No longer are people enamoured with outrageous designs like the extreme colour palettes of the 1990s or the shag carpets of the 1980s. People want functionality that looks sleek and a bathroom that feels clean and spacious. While this can be hard to achieve in small apartments, there are a couple of ways you can easily update your bathroom so that it has that modern look without completely refurbishing your home.

Mirror Walls

Mirror walls are such a great way to make use of a blank wall that would otherwise be dead space. By turning a bathroom's walls into mirror walls, you not only get the function of a massive mirror, but you also get the added design benefits. The room feels larger, light is reflected more and you create a feature wall that draws your attention away from other areas in your bathroom. Mirror walls are the quintessential part of any modern bathroom and they can come in all shapes and sizes, making them applicable to almost every bathroom out there.

Shower Screens

Sticking with the theme of modern minimalism, you should consider swapping out any bulky shower screens you may have with a more refined frameless version. Frameless shower screens appear like the most natural thing in the world and, along with mirror walls, create this optical illusion of a bigger, more open room. Shower screen installation is relatively easy and can be done in an hour or less, depending on your current set up. Don't put up with a frosted glass shower screen or a tacky coloured one. Go for the elegance and timelessness of frameless glass shower screens.

The Vanity

Vanities are a focal point in many bathrooms, so if you want to create a style within your bathroom, you should start here. Then, you can have the rest of your bathroom's style seemingly emanate out from it. There are so many varied options from rustic wooden vanities to porcelain vanities that seem to simply emerge from the floor. It is important to choose one that has enough space on top to allow you to openly store a few skin and haircare products, but the sink should be the main feature. A wide, shallow sink provides a more interesting visual look then a traditionally deep sink, and if you are going for luxury, then you can't go past that style. Ensure that the colour of your vanity never clashes with your chosen tiles, and preferably, they should match.

To learn more about bathroom remodelling, including installing mirror walls and shower screens, consult a resource in your area.