How You Can Get Creative With Your Glass Shower Screens

Glass is not traditionally thought of as a material that is easy to customise, but with modern manufacturing technologies, it has become far more malleable to your will. In the past, shower screens were always heavy-set panes of glass but now you can get a lot more personalised varieties, which can become almost like a feature in their own right. Before you choose a regular, mass-produced shower screen think of some ways that you can make it more interesting. After all, you will likely use it every day for most of your life, so you might as well enjoy it.

Interesting Shapes

Most showers are in the corner of the room and have a very rigid square-shaped layout. While this is perfectly utilitarian, it is very plain. Why not go for a different layout? For example, by simply adding another pane of glass, you can turn the shower into a pentagon that actually gives you a little bit more room to move. For those with more space, you can add even more, smaller, panes of glass to have as many sides as you want. Shower screens can be manufactured according to your specifications if they are not already in stock (which they almost always are).


While crystal-clear shower screens are always going to be a safe choice, you can always get tinted shower screens that match your interior design better. Blue is a popular choice here, as is grey. Both offer a more refined look and also hide splash marks a little bit better which makes maintenance that little bit easier. On the other hand, for those with a more bold vision you can always choose a more summer based colour such as yellow or green. Remember though, that this is definitely an eye-catcher, but if you don't mind polarising your guests, then go for it. Your bathroom, your rules.


Shower screens have not always been completely see-through and in fact, many glass shower screens are entirely opaque. But that doesn't need to be a way to cover up, but rather an interesting choice of texture that adds to the overall style of the room. You can get a lot of patterns in these opaque shower screens, like diamonds, water ripples and so on. If the rest of the bathroom is quite minimalistic, then a textured shower screen can do a lot to fill up the room and make it feel unique. 

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