4 Key Considerations When Replacing Window Glass

You should take into account various factors when selecting products and techniques to be used during a glass replacement or repair project in your home. This article discusses some of these factors which can be used when interviewing glass repair contractors for the work. Rain exposure conditions Different windows in your home may have varying degrees of exposure to rain. For example, some windows may be sheltered by your patio while others will be fully exposed.

Glass Types You Could Use For Window Replacements

Despite glass being one of the more common building material found in the home, not many people know what it is made of. Conventional annealed glass is made by melting limestone, dolomite and sand. The melted mixture is then floated upon molten tin to create the plate glass, also referred to as float glass. Float glass is one of the staple material used for residential windows. However, it is not the sturdiest type of glass as it is prone to breakage is exposed to high impact.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom is one of the most sensitive areas of your home. Proper attention must be given to ensure an exemplary look. Bathroom mirrors are one of the items that contribute to the overall outlook as well as your home's comfort. They offer a unique taste and allow even distribution of light, which is necessary for a bathroom.  Based on the type of bathroom and style of your house, mirrors should be able complement the existing lighting fixture.

How to Use Glass in Accessories Around the Home

Glass is a great choice of material for many applications. Glass is recyclable, and it's easy to use recycled or reclaimed pieces in new glass products. Glass is very hygienic, as it doesn't hold dirt, dust, bacteria, mould, mildew or germs easily, making it a great choice for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Glass is also stronger than many people realize, as tempered glass doesn't break or shatter easily and is also resistant to heat and fire.

Simple Tips for Protecting a Home's Windows

A broken window is obviously a danger for your home and property; any remnants of broken glass will be a hazard for children and pets, and an open window gives intruders easy access to your home while you wait for a repair or replacement window. To avoid this, note a few simple tips for keeping those windows protected from chips, cracks, and other damage. Film Not all window film will actually protect windows, as some film is very lightweight and only creates shade and privacy.