Types of Glass You Can Consider For Your Shower Screens

Glass shower screens have become extremely popular today, thanks to their features. Other than being aesthetically stunning, glass shower screens are customisable, easy to clean and durable. However, not all glass shower screens are made using the same material, and thus, their benefits vary as well. Due to this, it is essential to consider your requirements before you shop for your shower screens. This will enable you to get the glass that suits your requirements perfectly. Here are some primary forms of glass you should consider when purchasing shower screens.

Clear glass

One of the popular materials that is used to make shower screens today is the standard tempered or toughened clear glass. The material is sturdy and promotes the passage of light. In fact, it's known for opening up bathrooms visually and making small bathrooms appear larger. The clear glass usually has a slight greenish tinge when it is exposed to natural light.

Since the material doesn't have a specific texture, you can be sure it will match with any décor style, giving your bathroom that timeless appearance you have always desired. So, whether you have installed decorative stones or tiles, the view will not be blocked. The only con of clear glass is the fact that you will need to clean the glass regularly to maintain the spot-free shine.

Textured glass

As the name suggests, textured glass has a surface that can be felt when you run your fingers over it. Usually, a specific pattern or design is impressed into the glass surface to give it a decorative appearance and attain a specific level of obscurity. Since there are many kinds of designs that manufacturers use, it is vital to find a texture that suits your needs. Remember that the opacities vary depending on the texture of the glass.

If you opt to use textured glass for your shower screens, do not hesitate to talk to the design consultant. This will help you understand your options, especially when it comes to privacy and the level of light that penetrates the glass. For instance, the bamboo texture is ideal for Asian- or forest-themed bathrooms, but it may not be suitable for a rustic-country bathroom.

Tinted glass

If you'd like to add a modern appearance in your shower, you should choose tinted glass. There are multiple colours you can pick to match the décor with the shower screen's glass. The tinted glass will let you see through this material and reduce the amount of light that passes through.  

Tinted glass screens with green and blue shades pair perfectly with beach themes or similar modern styles, while grey and black hues are suitable for old or rustic-style bathrooms.

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