How to Use Glass in Accessories Around the Home

Glass is a great choice of material for many applications. Glass is recyclable, and it's easy to use recycled or reclaimed pieces in new glass products. Glass is very hygienic, as it doesn't hold dirt, dust, bacteria, mould, mildew or germs easily, making it a great choice for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Glass is also stronger than many people realize, as tempered glass doesn't break or shatter easily and is also resistant to heat and fire. Glass reflects light, so small and dark rooms seem bigger and brighter. Note a few ways you can use more of this safe, affordable, eco-friendly material around your home.

Fireplace surround

For a stunning visual touch to your fireplace, consider a glass fireplace surround. The glass will actually help stop a fire from spreading if embers or ash should get away from the fireplace and reach the floor or wall. Tempered glass also won't hold or conduct heat, so the fireplace surround won't be overly warm to the touch. The glass can also reflect the glow of the fireplace, making the entire space seem warm and inviting.

Staircase Railings

Glass can be used as a banister and railing around a staircase. A solid piece of glass works as both a barrier and a rail, so that the staircase has a clean and uncluttered look. This can also keep a back staircase or one in a dark area of the home from seeming too dark and closed-in. If plain glass is a bit too open and stark for you, use glass panels between metal or wood posts for the banister.


Offices usually have glass walls for conference rooms and other such spaces so that you can easily find a worker or know if a room is occupied. You might do the same if you're having an office or playroom built in the home; use glass for the walls for noise insulation while still allowing a clear view to the rest of the home.

Benchtops and splash backs

If you need a new surface for the vanity in the bathroom or benchtops and splash backs in the kitchen, glass is a great choice. The material won't warp and hold mildew as does wood, and it works with any type of style or decor. Because the material reflects light, it's also good for making a kitchen seem brighter and cleaner, and it helps add to the lighting around the mirror in the bathroom.