Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom is one of the most sensitive areas of your home. Proper attention must be given to ensure an exemplary look. Bathroom mirrors are one of the items that contribute to the overall outlook as well as your home's comfort. They offer a unique taste and allow even distribution of light, which is necessary for a bathroom.  Based on the type of bathroom and style of your house, mirrors should be able complement the existing lighting fixture. These are some of the factors you must be sensitive about when choosing your bathroom mirrors.

Considering the Options

A wide range of options exist in the market.

Framed Mirrors:

Farmed bathroom mirrors come with a frame attached. They save you from the trouble of having to purchase the mirror and the frame separately. Framed mirrors also form the best option in the market since they are easy to install.

Custom Mirrors:

For custom mirrors, the frame and mirrored glass are purchased separately for the purpose of achieving a customised look. Lists of endless options exist for you to choose from when dealing with custom mirrors. However, attention must be given to specific measurements and details needed for the installation. The installation process in this case is a bit extensive since the project involves two steps.

Frameless Mirrors:

Frameless mirrors are designed without the frame. The use of frameless mirrors has become popular in the modern space. Installation of frameless mirrors does not involve a lot of tasks. The glass is usually glued to stick and eliminate any bulky hardware that might be visible.

Other factors that play a role in the selection of bathroom mirrors are:

Having Accurate Measurements of the Space to Be covered by the Mirror

Get the correct height and width measurements of the space on the wall using a tape measure. When making your installation, make sure to keep the mirror approximately 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling. The mirror should always be kept shorter than your vanity.  

Choosing the Correct Mounting Style

Determine whether you are planning on keeping your bathroom mirror on the wall for a lifetime purpose or a temporary solution. This will decide whether you do a permanent installation of the mirror. Permanent installations may require liquid nails or glue when fixing the mirror. For cases where you plan on changing the mirror, you may do a temporary installation where mirror or wire brackets may be necessary to hang the mirror.