Simple Tips for Protecting a Home's Windows

A broken window is obviously a danger for your home and property; any remnants of broken glass will be a hazard for children and pets, and an open window gives intruders easy access to your home while you wait for a repair or replacement window. To avoid this, note a few simple tips for keeping those windows protected from chips, cracks, and other damage.


Not all window film will actually protect windows, as some film is very lightweight and only creates shade and privacy. However, security film is thick and durable, and meant to absorb the impact of a flying rock or other projectile. Security film can also absorb vibrations from high winds and loud noises, so window glass is less likely to shatter during storms. For maximum protection of your windows, invest in the thickest security film you can afford for inside and outside the windows.

Lawn and home care

Rocks and other debris that fly out from under a lawnmower can easily shatter a window, and a loose string from an edger or weed trimmer can also hit a window and cause damage. Use caution when mowing the lawn and look for rocks in your path; a bagging mower can also collect more debris and reduce the risk of projectiles coming out from under the blades. Keep all your power tools in good working order, tightening connectors and checking for any loose parts before using them.

Also, use the lowest setting on a power washer when cleaning windows. Avoid aiming the water stream at the middle of a window, where glass is weakest and more likely to break.

Motion detectors

If your property is in an area prone to vandalism, install motion detectors over the windows and around the perimeter of your property. Very often, a sudden light that switches on when someone approaches may be enough to scare them away, saving your windows from potential damage.

External shutters

Even if you exercise caution yourself when mowing the lawn, your windows may still be at risk from stray baseballs, gravel that gets kicked up from nearby roadways, and night-time intruders who may try to gain entry to your home by breaking a window. External shutters can offer maximum protection for windows; you can close these when mowing the lawn, when the kids are outside playing, during rush hour on that busy highway, or at night. They may be a costly investment, but they can protect newly installed or newly repaired windows.