6 Reasons Why Window Tinting Is Superior to Curtains

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way of controlling heat and light in your home, window tinting may be right for you. Although curtains come in many styles and colours, they don't offer as many useful benefits as window tinting film.

Here are six reasons why window tinting is superior to curtains.

1. Curtains take up space

Curtains are not suitable for small spaces because they take up space above and below windows. Window tinting doesn't take up valuable space.  And if you are going for a minimalistic vibe with your interior décor, window tinting is ideal.  

2. Curtains trap dust and dirt

Over time, curtains pick up dust and dirt. This means you need to clean them regularly to prevent them from causing allergy symptoms within your household. Dirty or dusty curtains are also unsightly. You only need to wipe the window tinting down with a soft cloth once a week to keep it clean and dust-free.

3. Curtains don't stop heat transfer

Curtains don't stop heat from transferring through glass windows. This means the sun's heat can still enter your home and leave you struggling to cool your home on hot days. With window tinting, you can enjoy natural light while keeping out much of the sun's heat.

4. Curtains fade when exposed to UV light

Window tinting can last for years. But curtains gradually deteriorate over time when exposed to UV rays. Eventually, your curtains will fade and lose their original colour, which means you'll then need to replace them.

5. Curtains won't protect your furnishings from UV light

One of the best things about window tinting is that you can let in as much natural light as you want while still protecting your furniture and flooring from UV light damage. Using curtains means that you need to sacrifice natural light in order to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.

6. Curtains obstruct your view of the outside world

When you use curtains, you have to make a choice. Do you keep your curtains open to enjoy natural light, and views outside but let in heat and thus struggle to cool your home and protect your furniture? Or do you close your curtains and sacrifice the view outside? With window tinting, you can enjoy the views around your home while still protecting yourself and your home from UV light.

Window tinting has many advantages over curtains for residential and commercial settings. If you want an effective but simple window treatment, consider investing in window tinting for your home or office. Contact a home window tinting service in your area to learn how the process works.