Signs That Your Windows Might Need Repairing

Broken glass is an obvious sign that you need to repair a window. But what are the more subtle signs? Here are some things to look out for when you're deciding whether you'll need to hire a window repair specialist.


If your home has double-glazed windows and you notice fog and condensation in the middle, you'll need to get the unit checked. When in good order, the space between the two glass panes contains a pocket of air or gas, which helps to block temperature transfer through the window. Seals around the panes create an air-tight pocket. Condensation on the glass indicates that moisture has entered the space and it's no longer sealed.

Cracked Or Rotting Frame

A cracked or rotting frame is another sign that your window needs attention. A cracked frame not only looks unsightly, but it could lead to further structural damage as everything around the frame adjusts in response. It can also put pressure on the glass pane, possibly leading to cracking. If the framing is on a double-glazed unit, the sealed structure might become compromised as well. 

Another frame issue particular to timber is rotting. Once rot takes hold, it can quickly worsen to weaken the structure. You may notice, in some instances, a slight amount of water entering when it rains. Such dampness not only affects the window but the entire room's atmosphere. Humid and damp air can lead to mould and mildew throughout.

Chipped Or Cracked Glass

While it might be tempting to ignore minor chips or cracks, they can affect the integrity of the entire glass pane. So make sure to address the issue early. Even slight cracks can affect the insulation powers of the window, which you'll end up needing to pay for via energy costs.

Windows Jam Or Stick

While the above clues are visual, some signs of problems are more hidden. You might not notice cracks or issues along the frame, but if windows jam or stick when they are opening or closing, this suggests an underlying issue. An expert can discover any hidden problems that could worsen and become more expensive down the track. 

Higher Energy Bills

Another factor that might point to window problems is increasing energy bills. While several issues can cause such an increase, windows are one area that might be at fault. This is particularly the case if your home has double glazing or energy-efficient glazing that should be insulating the house and keeping energy costs down. In such a case, consult a glass repair expert so that they can check the windows for any problems.