How to Make a Big Difference When Renovating Your Bathroom

If you've recently received a windfall through the post, you may have been thinking about spending this money to renew or recondition part of your home. As you think of the options, your mind may have settled in the bathroom, and you may resolve to improve what is for many people the most important room in the house. As you stand on the threshold to have a look around this room, where is the most obvious place to spend this welcome sum of cash, where it can make the biggest impact?


Of course, you have to make a decision based on the amount of money that you've got to spend. Assuming that it is not a huge amount, then perhaps your best idea would be to install a new shower screen. After all, this particular door has come in for a fair amount of abuse over the years, and you may not have upgraded it for some time. The amount of money that you have will certainly allow you to get something very nice, and it will improve the overall vibe of the entire room as well.


If you want to create a new look and perhaps a much more modern overall appearance, then you should think about installing a screen without a frame. If the bathroom is quite small to begin with, then this will give the illusion that it is bigger. However, if you already have plenty of space in there and are looking for something a bit more prominent, perhaps you should fit a screen with frosted or tinted glass panes.


Maybe it is time to upgrade the functionality of the door while you are replacing it. You may have felt cramped when inside the shower or find it just a little bit awkward to enter and exit, and in this case it may be better for you to look at sliding or hinged doors as an option.


Always make sure that the screen you choose fully complements the style and design of the room that surrounds it. You can pick a screen made of a certain type of material, with additional fixtures that are completely "at one" with the rest of the room. If you're not sure what would work best or if you simply want to go the easy route, then opt for a screen which has transparent glass or a neutral frame.


Finally, if you're not somebody who likes to spend too much time cleaning, then a clear glass screen without a frame will probably be your best friend. It will be a lot easier to keep clean, and soap scum won't have so many places to hide.

Time for Action

Armed with your budget and some ideas, have a word with a supplier of shower screens so that you get a great looking replacement for your out-of-date door.