Different Ways You Can Use Toughened Float Glass In Your Kitchen

Typically, when homeowners consider glass, they do not automatically associate it as a material suitable for heavy usage. It is generally relegated for use in windows around the home and that is about it. However, glass can be functional in numerous other ways. One of the ways to enhance functionality in your kitchen would be opting for glazier services to install toughened float glass. Toughened float glass has been reinforced through heating processes. The resultant glass is resistant to high impact, making it great for areas that withstand heavy usage. In the event that the toughened float glass should break, it would not shatter into dangerous sharp shards of glass. Instead, it would break into small, harmless pieces that can easily be collected and disposed of without them injuring someone. The following are some of the different ways you can use toughened float glass in your kitchen.

Toughened float glass as kitchen splashbacks

Splashbacks are essential in any kitchen. Generally, you will find them installed above areas that experience a lot of spills and staining such as the above the stove as well as above the kitchen sink. Conventional materials used for the splashbacks are ceramic tiles. However, since these tiles are made from organic materials, they tend to be quite porous. As such, you will notice that your splashbacks start becoming an eyesore as they absorb stains and lose their initial appeal. This is why glass splashbacks would make a much better alternative.

Firstly, the glass is nonporous, which makes it much easier to keep clean. Additionally, the nonporous nature of the glass will ensure it remains hygienic as bacteria and other microorganisms will not breed within the splashbacks. Secondly, toughened float glass has high thermal resistance. This makes it a great alternative above your cooktop, as it will not become affected by the heat as you cook.

Toughened float glass as shelving inserts

Another way that you can make use of toughened float glass in your kitchen is as shelving inserts. If you have a fully stocked pantry or cabinets, you will find it is hard to find some items without having to remove all the contents on the shelves. This can be quite tedious. By using toughened float glass as shelving inserts, you get a transparent bottom. This makes it easier for you to spot items you need by simply looking at the see-through base of the shelf.  The glass also adds a unique touch to your shelving and cabinetry, which enhances visual interest in your kitchen.